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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Create the underwater body effect just by 3 steps with Adobe Photoshop

Today, I will show you how can create under water body effect just by 3 steps.
So from the original photo:

Step 1.
Copy the background to a new layer (Ctrl + J). Then hide the layer 1 and select the background layer.

Select the smudge tool (R)

and make this background like that:

Step 2.
Select the layer 1. Create a mask for this layer. Then use the brush and change the color to black

Draw to the mask like that (The transparent white color is the area that you paint)

So you will have the result

Step 3.
Create a new layer with opacity is 50%. Then choose the gradient tool (G) and change like that
Then make a gradient from bottom to the middle of this photo so you will have

It is the final result